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Bespoke Services 

The Programme

We are often contacted by organisations and primaru care networks who require bespoke service to support the development of their network 

We have delivered 

  • PCN audits to enhance the leadership and management of the network 

  • A leadership course of 14 PCN leaders in Lincolnshire 

  • Workshops for private organisations looking to better understand  primary care networks 

  • Quality improvement workshops 

The Programme

Below is an outline of the integrated leadership and development programme, than can provided and adapted to meet the needs of you system.


This course was created to break down the silos of professional development and bring together, in person, PCN Managers, Digital and Transformation Leads, PCN Clinical Directors, ICB, GP Federation, community leaders etc... to enhance their working relationships and create integrated services to meet the needs of your population.  

You can decide who needs to be in the room. 

Details of the Sessions

Session 1: Core Strengths – Understanding yourself and others

Session 2: Shaping the environment

Session 3: Corporate and Clinical Governance 

Session 4: Influencing change

Session 5: Creating your strategic plan

Session 1: Core Strengths – Understanding yourself and others


Collaboration is critical in the field of healthcare, and high-performing teams invest in this area to enhance their communication, utilise their strengths and understand their motivations.


It's hard to make meaningful progress when you lack rapport with your team or feel the foundations of collaboration aren't in place. This is where the core strengths framework can help you to develop a greater understanding of:


  • What motivates you and others?

  • Your individual or team's overdone strengths portrait, and conflict sequence

  • Individual and team strengths


We will provide you with a personalised assessment which focuses on how you can best apply the results, to embed a more productive and satisfying work environment for all. Learn more about the Core Strengths Approach here.

Session 2: Shaping the environment


This session is focused on building a strong and supportive team dynamic, where responsibility and accountability are clearly defined.


The session will cover:


  1. Building a coalition

  2. The five dysfunctions of a team where we will explore how the following common issues occur and how to address them:

  • Absence of trust

  • Fear of conflict

  • Lack of commitment

  • Avoidance of team accountability

  • Inattention to team objectives


3.    The skills required, the challenges and opportunities for boundary-spanning roles. 


Session 3: Corporate and Clinical Governance 


This session will cover the common issues networks experience when it comes to Corporate and Clinical Governance


Delegates will have the opportunity to:


  • Develop their understanding of clinical and corporate governance pillars

  • Critically appraise their current governance arrangements.

  • Create a governance improvement plan

Session 4: Influencing change


This session will introduce you to some simple, yet effective, tools to help influence and drive change and decision-making.


The session will cover:


  • Utilising quality improvement principles.

  • Complexity theory.

  • Scenario planning.

  • Using data to inform decisions.

  • Creating decision-making principles for the future.

  • Making the case for change.

Session 5 - Creating your strategic plan

In this session, we will review NHS policy, your network and population health data and support you to identify where there are gaps, and opportunities, to create a framework to build your strategic plan.


This session will highlight:


  • Who needs to be part of the conversation?

  • How will you approach different motivations and agendas?

  • Financial constraints.

  • Leading with uncertainty.


Details of the venue, parking, address will be added here



£2,500 PLUS VAT per person, which includes:

  • Five in-person sessions.

  • 2 x online 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

  • Core Strengths assessment.

  • An experienced facilitator to support each session.

  • All course materials.

  • CPD Credits.

Over the six sessions I've really taken all the notes you've given me on-board and it's really transformed the company internally and my life personally because now I'm not overwhelmed, I'm back on my feet and I'm so grateful for the support you have given me. Thank you so much Tara!




  • We are committed to lifelong learning.

  • We believe work should be fun.

  • We will only take on clients where we can genuinely add value and make a positive difference. 

  • We strive to deliver great work, proactively building on our knowledge and skills.

  • We believe in testing different approaches.

  • We do not pretend to know everything; our best results come when we work collaboratively.  

  • We know that in order to effect positive change and make it stick, we don’t do the work for you; we do the work with you. 

  • We do not use fancy corporate speak or complex project management tools. It's just not us! 

  • If something isn't working, we will tell you. We will provide honest advice in a professional and constructive way.

  • We will stay in close communication with you and aren't afraid to ask questions.

  • We are flexible and are here to meet your needs. Things may change, and that's OK. 

  • We will take some time to develop the best course of action which is the most suitable for you.

  • We will not outstay our welcome. When the project ends, we will do all we can to put systems in place to support your initiative to thrive without us.

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Tara Humphrey THC Primary Care

With the experience and expertise of leading 11 training hubs, supporting over 120 Primary Care Networks, 4 GP Federations and 2 ICBs, Tara understands and appreciates the complexity of healthcare and what it takes to deliver projects at scale.


Tara is the CEO and founder of THC Primary Care and is passionate about sharing best practice which is easily digestible. This can be found via a repository of resources totalling over 200 blogs and 290 Business of Healthcare podcasts to date.


Tara's formal education is underpinned by:


  • A degree in Business and Marketing Management

  • An MBA in Leadership and Management in Healthcare.

  • Completion of the General Practice Improvement Leads Programme run by NHS England

  • The Chartered Institute of Professional Development Certificate in Personnel Practice.


Tara is also published in the London Journal of Primary Care and is an advisor for DigiBete, an app for young people and families living with diabetes. DigiBete is clinically approved and funded by the NHSE.

THC Primary Care also provide the following services

Interim Primary Care Network Management


Care Coordination

PCN Plus LIVE Event

Thank you so much for the excellent advice and help you gave me with my recent tender. You helped me over the weekend and at such short notice. A friend recommended me to you, and in less than 30 minutes we were talking on the phone.

You made a complicated procedure much easier to handle due to your expertise. I would recommend your services to anyone.




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