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Keep an eye out for the next THC Mastermind in 2019





THC Primary Care is proud to be piloting an online based mastermind group. Facilitated by Tara Humphrey - Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Tara holds an MBA and has secured her clients to date over £1m in funding from NHS and public sector organisations.


This mastermind is FREE of charge.


Who is the mastermind for?

Operating in the field of healthcare, this mastermind is for:

Entrepreneurial; GPs, Nurses, Primary Care Workforce Leads, Consultants and Healthcare Executives looking to secure a NHS organisation as their next client or progress their business or project idea.


Please note this mastermind is not for those looking for discussion on medical or clinical cases.


Why a mastermind?

Having worked with multiple business coaches, mentors and mastermind groups over the past 8 years, the impact of bringing like-minded professionals together to achieve the following is invaluable to:


  • Confidentially discuss and overcome challenges

  • Share experiences

  • Progress business ideas

  • Learn new tools, techniques and strategies to progress your area of expertise 

  • Provide accountability and build momentum

  • Make new business contacts

  • Set challenging goals with the support to achieve them



How will the mastermind work?

Our mastermind is looking to work with 6 individuals to meet online for 5 sessions lasting 1hr 30 mins each. 


In each session, Tara will facilitate the discussion and each person will take it in turns to share an experience they would like practical help with:


For example:


  • What to put in a business proposal

  • Costing your business idea

  • How best to utilise an administrative assistant

  • How best to pitch your idea 

  • Managing multiple stakeholders

  • Increasing productivity

  • Creating content plans for social media 

  • Creating implementation plans


This is known as being in the hot seat.


The rest of the group listens and then will proceed to ask clarifying questions to offer the person in the hot seat food for thought and advice on how to reach a resolution.


Once everyone has taken their turn, everyone will set an action and that will be the close of the session and we will return in 2-3 weeks to take our next steps.




  • Session 1: 17th October 

  • Session 2: 7th November 

  • Session 3: 20th November 

  • Session 4: 4th December 

  • Session 5: 18th December 


All calls will take place using video conferencing



Why choose THC?

I have identified a niche and am leading the only consultancy to have supported 11 Community Education Provider Networks (ICEPNs) across South London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

I know how to break down the functions of a business, network, project and idea and build the foundations to support it.


I have secured my clients over £1m of funding over the past 3.5 years from NHS and public sector organisations.    

Using my MBA tools, frameworks and business development training has led me to write successful business proposals in a succinct and easy to follow format.  I also understand how to position products and services, cost them competitively and tie the opportunity to support other's strategic objectives.


I have set up 7 CEPNs implementing governance across multiple organisations

I understand first-hand the issues of working with multiple stakeholders, being resilient and navigating multiple agendas and political sensitivities.



How do I apply?

To apply, please fill in the short application form using the link below and Tara will follow this up with a phone call to ensure the mastermind is right for you.