Meet the Mentors

Successful candidates of the Business of Healthcare Mentorship will have the honour of working with some of my friends and signature leaders who all have public and private sector experience.


Assistant Director - Clinical Learning at Education for Health

Preeti is a self-driven and passionate pharmacist with over 13 years of experience in Pharmacy.

Preeti is an Assistant Director at Education for Health, a dynamic healthcare charity, providing education, training and support to a variety of healthcare professionals.

​To learn more about Preeti, please check out her social links and podcast interview with Tara:

Preeti Mihnas | LinkedIn 

Episode 106: Clarity, Values and Motherhood with Preeti Minhas

Shilpa Shah

Chief Executive Officer at Kent LPC

Shilpa is an experience pharmacy leader with over 20 years of experience and Chief Executive Officer at Kent LPC.

Shilpa is also a Director at the non-profit organisation Samaritans.

To learn more about Shilpa, please check out her social links and podcast interview with Tara:

Shilpa Shah | LinkedIn

Episode 39: Community Pharmacy with Shilpa Shah

Monique Carayol

Founder and Managing Director- Your New Avenue

Monique is an award-winning change-maker and strategist. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Your New Avenue - a leadership and talent development consultancy.

Monique also hosts a podcast, 'Be Yourself, Back Yourself and Make it Happen with Monique Carayol.'

To learn more about Monique, please check out her social links and podcast interview with Tara:

Monique Carayol | LinkedIn 

Episode 47: Supporting People to be Brave with Monique Carayol

Anisha Patel

Clinical Pharmacist | Founder of the Pharmacist Diaries Podcast

Anisha is an experienced Clinical Pharmacist with five years of international experience in pharmacy.


Anisha is also the Founder of 'Pharmacist Diaries Podcast.'

To learn more about Anisha, please check out her social links and podcast interview with Tara:

Anisha Patel | LinkedIn 

Episode 95: Global Pharmacy, Discipline and Transferable Skills with Anisha Patel

Gary Hughes

Senior Consultant NHS Insights and Interaction at Mtech Access

Gary is an experienced leader with an impressive track record of delivery in general practice.


Gary has also been a manager, director, partner and business owner.

To learn more about Gary, please check out his social links and podcast interviews with Tara:

Gary Hughes | LinkedIn 

Episode 2: Gary Hughes | Practice Manager

Episode 30: Leadership in Practice with Gary Hughes


Senior Consultant at PPL


Larry is a clinician (Physiotherapist) who has worked in senior roles, including a Senior Consultant.

Larry is also an alumnus of the NHS leadership academy ReadyNow program and completed a Darzi Fellowship in clinical leadership.

To learn more about Larry, please check out his social links:

Larry Koyama | LinkedIn

Larry Koyama | Twitter

Kit Latham

Chief Executive Officer at NHS Digital Academy


Kit is the Co-Founder of Credentially Associate faculty NHS Digital Academy, where he works with his team to automate hiring and HR for healthcare.

Kit focuses on digital health solutions to help improve the working lives of those in healthcare and those who employ them.


To learn more about Kit, please check out his social links:

Kit Latham | LinkedIn

Kit Latham | Twitter

Shaun Major Preece 

Advanced Nurse at OneMedical Group Ltd

Shaun is an experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Manager and Leader with broad clinical and leadership experience in secondary care, primary care and urgent care settings.

To learn more about Shaun, please check out his social links:

Shaun Major-Preece | LinkedIn 

Shaun Major Preece | Twitter

Rachel Beverley-Stevenson

Co-Founder and Executive Chair at OneMedicalGroup Ltd


Rachel co-founded OneMedicalGroup over 17 years ago, gaining specific knowledge of, and passion for, NHS health and wellbeing focussed out of hospital care delivery and solutions. 


To learn more about Rachel, please check out her social links:

Rachel Beverley-Stevenson | LinkedIn

Rachel B-Stevenson |Twitter

Nicholas Kelly

Chief Executive Officer at Axela Ltd

Nicholas is the Co-Founder and Chief executive at Axela Innovations, where intelligent systems are used to support carers and give control back to the people receiving care.

To learn more about Nicholas, please check out his social links and podcast interviews:

Nicholas Kelly | LinkedIn

Episode 74: Axela with Nicholas Kelly - Part 1

Episode 75: Surpassing Lucky with Nicholas Kelly - Part 2

Hollie Hastings

Head of Primary Care at Herefordshire & Worcestershire CCG

Hollie is the Head of Primary Care with experience in  all aspects of Transformation, Commissioning, Contracting and Business Management

To learn more about Hollie, please check out her social links:

Hollie Hastings | LinkedIn

Hollie Hastings |Twitter 

Linda Thomas

Director at Ashfold Consulting Ltd

Linda is an experienced coach, HR & OD Consultant, investigator and mediator, with a broad range of skills and knowledge, applied in the private and public sectors.

Linda is also experienced in undertaking complex workplace investigations and specialises in resolving workplace conflict.

To learn more about Linda, please check out her social links:

Linda Thomas FCIPD | LinkedIn

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