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Building on the success of the 2020 scholarship programme, we are proud to be launching our Business of Healthcare Academy, where this year, we will:


1.  Facilitate a mentorship programme created to support healthcare professionals from ethnically diverse backgrounds to pursue their leadership careers

2. Provide a £10k grant to deliver an initiative this winter that addresses an ethnic health and care  inequality

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The Business of Healthcare Academy represents the charitable arm of THC Primary Care,  operating as a Community Interest Company. 

In the past, I have chosen to walk away from situations where I have felt I am not able to influence others to think more broadly when it comes to racism, equality and diversity. I did not have the confidence, communication skills, leadership or allies around me. I did not have the level of resilience required to walk back into a room where people choose to either ignore you or dismiss you.

I have this confidence now. 

Our Business of Healthcare Academy is where we facilitate mentorship opportunities, fund educational grants and projects and partner with organisations who share the same ethos as us.


The ethos is to simply support and influence change in the field of health and care.

Check out our Mentorship Programme, which supports individuals  and Health and Inequality Grant that organisations can apply for 

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