PCN Manager Coaching Sessions

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Professional Support Tailored to YOU

If you require support to work on a specific project or sensitive issue our 1-2-1 coaching sessions are for you.  

In these sessions, we will work together every 2 weeks over a period of 3 months to;

  • Provide you with the tools and a sounding board to assess your options 

  • Create a practical plan for you to execute 

  • Provide accountability

THC also provide 2 PCN training programmes for Managers and Leaders.

The Online PCN Accelerator Programme is perfect for you if you are brand new to the role.

PCN Plus has been designed by Clinical Directors and experienced PCN leads. It is for CDs and PCN leaders experienced who have been in post for more than 12 months.

To find out more about PCN Manager Coaching Sessions, simply book a free call with me. 


You are clear on your priorities.

You have next steps with achievable actions points to work through.

Imparted practice, honest, experienced advice.

Recieved resources to continue to help you including tools and templates that WORK!

You have been held accountable and progressed.

You are CONFIDENT in reaching your goals.


Working on a 1-2-1 coaching basis, we will work together every 2 weeks for 3 months. Sessions are virtual and 90 minutes in length.

These intensive, private sessions provide the advantage of bespoke personalised support for sensitive or specific projects or challenges.


Using facilitation, management, and quality improvement tools, along with experience from supporting 19 PCNs, I will:

  • Provide tools and resources to help you in attacking your project or challenge


  • Act as a sounding board to help you assess your options


  • Review documents and plans

  • Provide accountability

In order to get the most from these sessions, preparation is key.

Interested in finding out more?

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Over the six sessions I've really taken all the notes you've given me on-board and it's really transformed the company internally and my life personally because now I'm not overwhelmed, I'm back on my feet and I'm so grateful for the support you have given me.

Thank you so much Tara!

Joanna Ashby

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Mpod Inc


Thank you so much for the excellent advice and help you gave me with my recent tender. You helped me over the weekend and at such short notice. A friend recommended me to you, and in less than 30 minutes we were talking on the phone.

You made a complicated procedure much easier to handle due to your expertise. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Reena Gonsai

Practice Manager 

I understand the complexity of the healthcare system and the challenges and opportunities of building a business and leading a Primary Care Network

I successfully work with NHS organisations which include NHS England and Health Education England and have supported 19 Primary Care Networks in a variety of capacities where our services have supported over 2.5 million patients.

Along with our practical experience,  I  also have BA (HONS) degree in Business and Marketing and an MBA in Leadership and Management in Health Care, a Certificate in Personal Practice and completed the NHS England General Practice Improvement Leads Programme

I'm a certified Core Strengths Facilitator. Core Strengths is a valuable tool used to enhance communication, self-awareness and leadership.


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