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How to Navigate Multiple Practices with Confidence

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Improve your Working Relationships


Operate with Clear Direction

Elevate Your Effectiveness

Thursday 27th May
1pm - 3:30pm
Virtual Workshop
PLUS free 1-2-1 Coaching Session

In just 2 hours, this intensive Masterclass will provide the support and resources to fulfil your role with confidence

Are you struggling to gain consensus?

Is it challenging navigating multiple practices?

Do you feel you have clarity in your role?

Are you confident in what the vision for the network is?

As an interim PCN Manager, and having supported 13 PCNs to-date, 3 GP Federations, and leading 11 Training Hubs, Tara will draw on and share with you, real-life practice examples and approaches to help improve your personal and PCN performance.

Your role as a PCN Manager is unique and diverse. It can be challenging and even frustrating, navigating multiple organisations, opinions, and ideas. However, with the right support and tools in place, it can be the most rewarding of roles!

The PCN Manager Masterclass has been designed to provide you with the space and tools to leave you feeling confident.


You will gain;


  • A deeper understanding of the context you are working in.

  • Tools to improve working relationships.

  • An understanding of how to effectively manage your Clinical Director's vision.

  • Allies and connections to other PCN Managers in a similar place to yourself.

This masterclass is for you if;

  • You have stepped into a PCN Manager in the past 12 months.

  • You have experienced challenges getting acquainted with multiple practices.

  • You feel there is a lack of clarity in what you're expected to do.

  • You would like to feel more confident in your role.

There are intentionally a limited number of places for the PCN Masterclass so that all attendees will have the opportunity to share experiences and allow you to form lasting relationships with others in similar roles, facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Discover practical insights, approaches and tools specifically designed to improve your delivery, build confidence and enhance the relationships within your practices.

We have been sitting on the launch pad and you were the rocket fuel we needed to get us going

Dr Altaf Baloch

Co- Clinical Director - Cranbrook PCN 

Whenever I have a problem, I pick up the phone and say HELP! And you sort things out. That's what you do. 

Dr Jas Chana

Co-Clinical Director - Cranbrook PCN 

Tara provides amazing advice, guidance, and support. She has been my go-to guru throughout my interview process and I’m pleased to say I got the job!


If you haven’t already, get in touch with Tara if you are thinking about this role or already in the role but need support.


Rebecca Gane

PCN Manager

Tara brings energy, positivity and a solution-focused approach to our network.


Tara is not just a manager, she coaches, she is very reflective and always acts with integrity.

Dr Farzana Hussain

Clinical Director & Co-Chair Board Member


With the experience and expertise of leading 11 Training Hubs, supporting 13 Primary Care Networks and 3 GP Federations, I understand and appreciate the complexity of healthcare and what it takes to deliver projects across multiple practices.

I have taken this experience and created over 200 blogs and practical PCN resources. 

 I also host the Business of Healthcare Podcast which to date has over 127 episodes to share lessons learned and provide frameworks for you to follow. 


This workshop is created for YOU by a PCN Manager, as I know how challenging the role can be at times.   


Thursday 27th May

1pm - 3:30pm

Virtual Workshop

£197 plus a FREE 1-2-1 Coaching Session*

*On submitting your registration you'll receive your personal link to the virtual workshop along with an invoice for your place at £197 +VAT. Invoices will need to be settled ahead of the Masterclass on 27th May. Coaching sessions will be organised to take place at a mutually convenient time following the Masterclass event. 

If you have any questions contact