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Tara Humphrey - Introducing new roles to Primary Care

April 25, 2017

Ben Gowland the host of The General Practice invites Tara back to discuss how Primary Care Networks can best introduce new roles.

With the introduction of new roles, many are asking detailed questions about how to guarantee successful implementation and ensure the people in the new roles are happy, effective and want to stay.


In this episode Tara answers those questions.

LIVE Q & A with Ben Gowland - host of The General Practice

April 25, 2017

Ben Gowland the host of The General Practice has invited us back to help him with a Q and A where we discuss:
Is sustainability with less resources, a pipedream?
What incentive is there for forward-thinking practices to continue to innovate if they do not receive funding or support from the GPFV initiatives?
Are STPs a threat to general practice or an opportunity?
Is the GMS model of general practice compatible with the leadership for new models of care or will it mean that GPs are marginalised?
How can we get the best out of our patient participation groups?
How do we make GP careers attractive again?

Episode 55: Tara Humphrey – developing the general practice workforce

February 23, 2017

Listen here for our take on Community Education Providers Networks ( CEPNs, now known as Training Hubs) Why they are so important, the benefits of engaging with your network, and how to find our if there is a CEPN (now known as Training Hubs) near you.