• Tara Humphrey

12 Lessons | 3 Years of Supporting Primary Care and Running a Consultancy

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

This week I am pleased to be celebrating the 3rd Birthday of Tara Humphrey Consulting. Professionally, the past 3 years have been the best yet, which has seen me step into the world of Primary Care and the Community Education Provider Network family. Reflecting over the past few years, I have learnt a few lessons. OK, that’s a lie, I have learnt LOADS of lessons and unfortunately some the hard way, but I have emerged stronger and wiser from them.

Today, I will share with you the top 12 lessons I have learnt about working with CEPNs and running my own consultancy.

CEPN Lessons:

  1. The NHS likes lots of reports (which rarely receive any feedback or even any acknowledgement that you submitted them).

  2. Honestly, no two days are the same which for me is perfect. I am fortunate to have a varied and interesting role.

  3. There are so many opportunities to enhance your skill set. Conferences, training, online learning, new strategies, invitations to meetings, new projects. It really is great, and I count myself extremely fortunate to be exposed to all of these things.

  4. There is so much jargon and so many acronyms.  It does get a bit silly sometimes, and often people don’t even know what the acronym stands for.

  5. Within the CEPNs, leaders are given a lot of autonomy and flexibility. You are pointed in a certain direction and then the rest is up to you.

  6. I have a greater appreciation for the role of the general practice team. Administrators, Practice Management, Nurses, HCA’s, GPs, receptionists etc. I have grown to feel very protective of you all and the wonderful work you are doing.

From a business owner’s perspective I have learnt:

  1. To trust my instinct. This has been a hard lesson sometimes, which has led me to say no or to step away when things haven’t felt quite right. However, on the flip side, this has led me to say yes to some exciting and unexpected opportunities.

  2. I love the business side of things. Balancing the books, developing my team and strategising.

  3.  My heart always sinks when I receive a brown envelope from HMRC. My first thought is always “what now”!?!?).

  4. To be comfortable being myself. I have learnt that not everyone will like me or want to work with me and I’m OK with that. Trying to win everyone over and show my value is exhausting and a losing battle.

  5. I have learnt to be brave and put myself out there. Writing this blog, filming video’s, sending out my monthly newsletters, attending networking events, promoting my services, engaging in social media, working with business coaches and mentors. Every day I am stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s honestly so scary, but I do it knowing that each day I’m getting a little bit better.

  6. My MBA has helped me immensely in running my business. Financial management, the context of the NHS, quality improvement techniques, critical analysis, how to ask effective questions, report writing, business and strategic planning, change management & leadership theory and how to apply this is in practice. A year later, I still pull on this and apply this knowledge.

Lastly from a client and business perspective, I never thought I could genuinely love and enjoy my work as much as I do. Granted, some days are tougher than others, but on the whole, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to the next 3 years!

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