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4 Key Resources Every Network Leader Needs

This weeks’ blog is specifically for those involved in primary care networks, CEPNs, Training Hubs, Sustainable Transformation Partnerships, GP Federations and groups of practices working collaboratively.

Although a lot of the principles for building a network can be obtained from the world of business, there are some nuances which benefit from some sector specific insights, best practice and some inspiration from those who have walked the path before us.

1. Source 4 Networks

Source4Networks is a free platform committed to curating and sharing the most comprehensive and best knowledge around network leadership in health, social care and charity sectors. In particular, their network maturity matrix is a powerful tool for helping you to assess the current status of your network and to help you consider the next steps in the journey that you may like to consider.

They also run free courses and webinars.

2. Helen Bevan – Follow her @helenbevan

Helen is the Chief Transformation Officer, @HorizonsNHS. Helen is dedicated to seeking out ideas, learning & developing connections. Helen has her fingers on the pulse of what it takes to facilitate large scale change in health & care and is inspiring a new generation of leaders.

3. The Centre for Creative Leadership.

Full of white papers, articles, blogs and research, the Centre for Creative leadership has a wealth resources to support the development of your network.


It’s our own website and it’s a shameless plug I know, but with over 100 blogs on network leadership, project management and professional development and academic research, our resources have been built from our current day-to-day experiences. We do not just talk the talk. We are walking the walk right alongside with you.

For more insights on leadership, project and change management Tara Humphrey (MBA) has published over 100 blogs which can be accessed here:

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