• Tara Humphrey

4. Strikes balance between producing quick wins and taking the time to do things properly.

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

When starting a new project, there is always the desire to hit the ground running and produce some quick wins, as this gives the project manager and the client confidence you are going to be a good fit and are on the right track.

However, this only works well when you take the time to gather all the facts, and your quick win’s fit into the wider project objective.

Running before you can walk not only shows inexperience but can also jeopardise your credibility to deliver the project, and if your client or project stakeholders lose faith in you early on, this can spell disaster.

The intentional project manager’s approach here is to:

  1. Understand the project objectives and priorities

  2. Identify any risks and any challenges that the client may have or is anticipating experiencing here

  3. Agree milestones and project reviews

  4. NOT make promises that can’t be guaranteed

  5. Know that the quick win can be as small as; a simple thank you, statement of support from a previously resistant party, securing that meeting with someone notoriously hard to reach, or a good response rate and feedback to a communication can all count.