• Tara Humphrey

4 Top Tips for Producing your CEPN Newsletter

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Whilst your newsletter is an important method of communication, we believe your newsletter should be fun, informative and designed to:

  1. Support your networks wider communications strategy

  2. Help build relationships with your stakeholders and encourage engagement

  3. Promote opportunities for training and multi-professional learning  

  4. Share progress updates, successes and lessons learnt

  5. Solicit feedbackCommunicate internal processes

  6. Keep your network stakeholders up to date with the wider strategic context

  7. Given the volume of work your CEPN is involved in, unless you release a weekly newsletter, or publish a monthly magazine, one challenge you may face is deciding what to include and what to leave on the cutting room floor.

With this in mind, please keep reading for our 4 top tips on how to produce your newsletter.

1. Commit to a format for consistency.

This includes your agreed:

  • Colour scheme

  • Font

  • Number of pages

  • Standing items Format (i.e. PDF Document, Mail Chimp, Microsoft Publisher)

  • Date or day the newsletter will be released

2. Decide on who is responsible for pulling together the content and the process for collecting this information.

Typically, compiling the content of your newsletter will either be undertaken by your project or operating manager or administrator or network coordinator. 

To prevent multiple edits, I suggest implementing a template which captures:

  • Title of the section

  • The target audience for that particular piece of content 

  • The word count for each section

  • The call to action with contact details

  • Deadline to receive information by

  • I would also impose a rule that the newsletter will only be edited twice to prevent delays.

3. Provide ONE point of contact for managing general enquiries

We know that your CEPN will involve many people that represent many areas of expertise, but I suggest you provide one name, one email and one phone number for managing general network enquiries.

This approach:

  • Makes it easier for the reader to know who to get in touch with

  • Helps you to; monitor feedback, engagement and identify trends

  • Keeps responses from your CEPN management team consistent

4. Remember Done is better than perfect

In an ideal world, everyone involved in your network would love your newsletter. They would love the way it looks, the tone, your colour scheme and the amount of content but the simple fact is, they won’t and trying to achieve universal agreement from hundreds of people or sometimes even just your CEPN steering group is going to be a losing battle.

Here our mantra is Done is better than perfect.

Agree the format, the process for collecting information and deadlines and then just click send!

We hope this helps.