• Tara Humphrey

8 Truths about 21st Century Leaders

Healthcare Leadership and Management in the 21st Century

There is a raft of literature and academic theories on the subject of Leadership and Management.


Leaders innovate while Managers like to retain order

Leaders are fearless while Managers need approval

Leaders inspire change;

Managers administer the change

Leadership and Management are complimentary

Leadership and Management are 2 completely different functions requiring completely

different skills sets, and so on……

However, there is no doubt that the NHS is experiencing a monumental amount of change.

With an; increasing and ageing population, the rise of co-morbidities, GPs leaving the sector faster than we can train new recruits, a shortage of nurses, new legislation, the development of new organisations, the need to evidence costs savings, a slew of quality metrics and new technologies provide a testing and complex environment for all those concerned.

So, with these challenges in mind, regardless of whether you are in a Leadership or Management position or aspire to be, I strongly believe these 8 essential truths apply:

1. Building effective relationships should be at the core of everything we do

2. Leadership nor Management is not about prescriptive direction; it’s about navigating the way around signposts, speed bumps, blind corners and uncertainty

3. Acknowledge the contribution of others

4. An awareness of cause and effect is vital 

5. Integrate both your rational thinking and your gut intuition

6. Build systems which are flexible and facilitate

7. It’s about the patients and your staff

8. Change is uncomfortable but necessary

It would be great to hear your thoughts. Are there any more truths to add to the list