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A Key Human Resource Tool That Everyone Can Use

A key human resource tool that every leader and manager can use

I’m sure you have all experienced a time when the people in your team are not performing to their highest potential, and a reason for this may be that they either don’t Get it, don’t Want it or don’t have the Capacity to do it (GWC).

GWC is a vital consideration for leaders and managers implementing a change or managing the day-to-day operations of a business.

Gino Wickham in the Book Traction talks about the GWC concept which we may all be well aware of but may not have seen it articulated in this way.

Get it

In order for us to successfully deliver, we must be clear on what is expected of us, or if you are in a leadership position clear on what you are expecting of others. And yes, clarity extends to the role, responsibilities, deliverable's, time-frame's, available resources, communication channels and an understanding of the culture and context of the organisation.

Without clarity people will flounder, under-perform and progress will stall, leading to frustration.

Want it

People have to genuinely want it to perform to a high standard and go the extra mile to achieve what needs to be done.  In the long run, this is something money cannot buy and cannot be forced.

When you encounter people who simply do not want it, it’s time to find those that do.

Capacity to do it

With so many competing priorities, we have to honestly assess whether our team members have the time, space, resources and expertise to deliver.

Whilst it’s easy to just say NO we do not have the capacity, if there is a clear and compelling need with people who get it and want it, progress can still be made when we switch our mindset to what we can achieve versus why it won’t work.

If one or more of the GWC components is missing, we need to reflect, regroup and reassess.

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