• Tara Humphrey

Always Adding Value

There are so many ways to demonstrate added value to your clients or stakeholders, which I see so many people overlook. Rather than focusing on what’s in it for others, they are fixated on what’s in it for them.

Also, I often feel that people do not understand what added value means when trying to engage with their stakeholders, which I feel rings true in the public sector where finances and resources are under constant strain, and the demand for services is always increasing.

Adding value doesn’t have to involve big gestures; we can simply:

Make the time to ask questions

We all have something to offer, and sharing our different perspectives and asking simple but better questions can have surprisingly remarkable results.

Seek feedback

We all want to feel that we are being heard and that our opinions are valued and respected. Acting on others suggestions, constructive criticisms and ideas for improvements will enable us to enhance our understanding of a situation enabling us to demonstrate added value to those we are serving.

Share information

Sharing information is another way of adding value which personally, has really worked for me. Giving people a heads up regarding up and coming funding opportunities, dropping another project manager a call when a last minute deadline has been released to ensure they got the message or sharing a news article or recent report; not only supports others in their roles, but allows you to demonstrate your value as being the reliable and in-the-know person to count on.

Be proactive and give things away for free

Being proactive and showing people a prototype of your ideas is also a proven strategy. If you are listening to your clients’ needs, taking your own time to come up with a solution they might be interested in and presenting this in a creative way will make you stand out. Giving things away for free may seem counter-intuitive, but if like us, you are in this for the long haul, we are looking to work with clients for years and years, and waiting around to be told what to do just doesn’t cut it.

Lastly, don’t chase the money!

While we all have financial targets to achieve in one way or another, focusing purely on the money will lead you to make decisions you regret and turn off your target market.If you can demonstrate that you are listening, valuing and understanding your clients’ needs, with knowledge of your market environment and focus on delivering the best possible results you can, I truly believe the money will come.

Today, this week or this month, what have you done to add value to your clients?