• Tara Humphrey

Blog Series | Project Governance Objectives | Episode 1

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Welcome to our latest blog series, where we will be sharing some of our most frequently asked questions about leadership and change management and developing new ways of working in primary care.

Q. I feel that our initiative is loosely defined, and we are not moving forward.  What should we be doing to fix this?

Go back to basics and keep things simple.

I like to use the following framework courtesy of Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Rebekah Giffney:

  • At the heart of our project/network……….

  • It is not about …………

  • It’s about………

Stay away from jargon and know that you will need to revisit this exercise a few times a year to ensure that you are on target, or decide that you need to change your focus.

Q. We have been trying to finalise our governance for months now. Some of the people we managed to entice to our meetings have stopped coming. What should we do?

It is important to understand how decisions are made, finances are managed, quality is measured and how conflicts of interest are monitored. Governance often takes a long time to agree if the trust isn’t there.

  • Set a strict deadline for the governance to be completed, with clear roles and responsibilities

  • Take time to develop relationships with key individuals who are influential in the governance process, outside of your board meetings

  • If the governance hasn’t progressed since your last meeting, don’t focus on this, simply state that in your meeting and move on to the next item

  • Go back to those key players to see how they can support you, remind them that it is still in its infancy and things will improve

  • Highlight that the key players can still be involved without going to every meeting

  • Do not lose sight of what you are trying to achieve

  • Final sign off on the governance does not have to be in place for work to start

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