• Tara Humphrey

Blog Series | Communicating With Your Stakeholders | Episode 2

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Welcome to our latest blog series, where we will be sharing some of our most frequently asked questions about leadership and change management and developing new ways of working in primary care.

Q.    Most of our conversations are spent talking about the past, rather than what we could be doing?

•    Ensure you have the right facilitator/chair leading your meetings and use the vision of your project or network as an anchor to guide your discussions •    Let the past be your motivation for change and not a trip down memory lane

When the conversation starts to go off track, you can re-focus by saying: “That’s a really interesting point but the purpose of today’s discussion is …..” Or  “When remembering our vision for this project, what can we do to move forward”.

Q.    I don’t think our stakeholders fully understand what we are doing to help them. How can we change this?

•    Don’t be frightened to talk to them •    Be prepared to explain what you’re doing over and over again, and reiterate why you are doing it and the benefits you can deliver •    Don’t be put off by negative feedback - Keep listening, learning and adapting  •    Use everything that is at your disposal: Blogs, newsletters, meetings, conferences, social media, coffee chats, email, case studies and video. Please don’t make this overly corporate, just communicate like you are talking to a friend •    Start with developing a 3-month plan and write this down, identifying who will do what and by when

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