• Tara Humphrey

Blog Series | Change Management FAQs | Episode 4 | Regaining your confidence after a setback

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Welcome to our latest blog series, where we will be sharing some of our most frequently asked questions about leadership, change management and developing new ways of working in primary care.

Q. I had to lead a meeting recently, and it was an absolute disaster. I am a project manager and have lost a grip on the project, and nothing is getting done. I need to regain my confidence and get things back on track. Any advice would be greatly received.

A. Well firstly, welcome to the club! You have asked a fantastic question which all of us will at one point go through when in a leadership or managerial position. 

Secondly, I want to acknowledge you for wanting to get things back on track instead of throwing in the towel.

Thirdly, I wouldn’t be so hasty to call the meeting a write-off. The majority of the time we are our own incredibly harsh critics. 

Ok.. here is my recommendation:

Reflect  I encourage you to reflect on the past meeting and analyse the evidence and not your emotion.  What positives and constructive criticism can you take from this? There are always lessons to learn.

Review  Objectively review your project plan. What have you achieved so far and what has stalled and why? For both aspects, what was in and out of your control? Let this be your baseline to help move things forward. 

Clarify  -    Is the vision of the project still clear? -    Has the goal-post changed? -    What options do you have? -    How active are your stakeholders and who are your allies? -    Do you have any information to help you move forward? -    Do you have the appropriate resources? -    What financial position is the project in? -    Is everyone clear on their roles and responsibilities? -    How far exactly are you off schedule, what is the impact of this and who do you need to talk to about this? -    Is there an issue that people can’t seem to resolve? If so, this needs to be addressed.

Act The above steps will determine how you move forward. It’s likely that you will not have all the answers, but use your team and set the tone for the plan moving forward. 

When it comes to regaining your confidence, I believe confidence comes from taking action. Reflect on what you have learnt, review your plans, ask clarifying questions and set your revised plan in motion.

This should get you started. 

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