• Tara Humphrey

Building a Team | Top Tips

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Charlotte Murphy, Claire Rickard, Tara Humphrey, Ashlea Rye, Rebecca Linghorn

Building a Team | Top Tips

As always, it has been a busy few months supporting our clients and developing our team which has been an area of focus for me, but if I’m being honest, a real challenge.

For those of you in a leadership and management position, you know how important it is recruiting and nurturing the right people for your team.

This involves:

• Articulating the correct job description

• Creating an induction programme

• Providing mentorship

• Holding effective 1-2-1’s and team meetings

• Setting boundaries but also being flexible

• Training

• Constant communication

• Developing systems and processes

• Letting your colleague see the human side of you while remaining professional

And this list above doesn’t cover half of what is required to lead, manage and inspire a team.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have Claire and Charlotte on my squad, and now I’m over the moon to have welcomed Rebecca and Ashlea to the team, so with this in mind, here are my top 5 tips to support the recruitment of your next team member.

1. Recruit slow and fire fast! It’s true. When it’s not right, it's not right and you should listen to your instincts.

2. Involve your existing team members in the recruitment process. Let your team help with the job descriptions and let them sit in on the interviews.

3. Value skills and a positive attitude over sector experience.

4. Set your expectations high, but not too high that no one can ever meet them.

5. Ensure you have work ready for your new-recruit and meet with them regularly in the first few weeks to ensure they understand what is expected of them.

6. Get to know your team and new-recruits personally. What motivates them, how do they spend their weekends, their communication styles and despite how busy things get, a little chit chat goes a long way. This is so important and not to be underestimated. Your team want to know you, and you need to get to know them.

7. Don’t be frightened to use a recruitment consultant. The right agency will help manage your expectations, look to understand the culture of your team, clarify the elements of your job descriptions and keep you informed every step of the way and in general make the recruitment a fun and stress-free experience.