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Building Your Brief To Hire a Consultant or Interim Project Manager

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Hiring a consultant or project manager can be exciting as it shows your project is developing. But it can also be very daunting as it is a new process you need to get the hang of.

If you are not going to use a recruitment consultant to help you build your brief, the following guidance may be helpful the next time you need to hire an interim for your project.

1.Providing the background Provide a brief summary of how this project has come or is coming to fruition. When did the planning start? What progress has been made? Why is it important to you?

2. The scope of the project

You will need to be clear on:

  • What you need?

  • When you need it

  • The duration of the project?

  • What specific deadlines do they need to meet?

  • What is the budget for the project

  • Who are they going to be working with?

3. The criteria This is your person/ business specification which will include:

  • What background and experience do you want your interim to have?

  • Do they need to evidence they have done the exact same project before?

  • Do they need to show to they have local relationships?

  • Do they need technical expertise?

  • Can they work remotely?

  • What diary commitments are required that you already know of?

  • Are there preferred times that they need to be available?

Final few words

The more specific you are, the more likely you will narrow your search to the most ideal candidates.

If you already have someone in mind that you know, like, trust, and have the skills and experience you need, don’t advertise the position. This will save all involved a lot of time.

If you are going to advertise for the position, be transparent. Put your scope in writing and give everyone a fair chance

Prepare well for your interviews and let your potential candidates know what to expect from the process.

Good luck with finding your perfect interim project manager!

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