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Championing Women in Health and Care

International Women's Day 2022 has focused on gender bias. Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead. Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough, action is needed to level the playing field. Women make up more than two-thirds of the NHS yet, a minority sit in Executive Positions. An even fewer number come from BAME backgrounds.

Listening to others' stories of leadership, how they have challenged bias and stories from inspirational women from all walks of life is one thing that you can start doing to minimise bias.

As we celebrate International Women's Day this year at THC, we have highlighted our top podcast episodes of interviews with female health and care leaders.

Women Leaders in Health and Care

We've linked to each of their episodes here. If something inspires you, do share on your social platforms or privately with a friend or colleague. We all have a voice to be able to #BreaktheBias

Leading, Management & Learning with Hollie Hastings, Episode #181

We discuss Hollie's career to date - she started in the NHS at the age of 16 as a Catering Assistant and now sits as a Primary Care Network Director. Hollie shares how she applied for a dream position whilst heavily pregnant and got the role.

A Practical Approach To Deliver Integrated Care with Katherine Pitts, Episode #160

Katherine Pitts is the Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at IC24. We explore Integrated Care, the framework, translating guidance, what IC looks like on a system level and working together without competitive barriers.

Leaving the NHS with Dr Rachael Rooney, Episode #158

Rachael is a GP by background and now specialises in providing lifestyle medicine and advice. Rachael talks about the push and pull factors, which led to her stepping out of her general practice. We also talk about the doctor's title and how important it is to Rachel, whether she's going to be using it or not.

Finding Great Ideas A Home with Rachel Dunscombe, Episode #130

Rachel Dunscombe is the CEO at NHS Digital Academy and Principal at Tektology. Rachel is also a member of the UK Artificial Intelligence Council. We discuss selling into the NHS and what elements need to be aligned, confidence, boundaries and managing expectations.

Primary Care Networks with Dr Farzana Hussain, Episode #3

Dr Farzana Hussain is a GP partner at her own practice in Newham. She is also a primary care network Clinical Director. Farzana talks about the process of setting up the local primary care network, and the challenges and opportunities of working together in a networked way. Farzana shares her thoughts about the importance of involving patients in scoping the services that the new PCNs will provide.

Scaling, Balance & Business with Dr Abeyna Bubbers-Jones, Episode #184

Dr Abeyna Bubbers-Jones is the founder of Medic Footprints and Consultant Occupational Health Physician. Medic Footprints have subscribers in over 190 countries and is growing – The world’s biggest marketplace and community for doctors exploring diverse careers and wellbeing support. We talk about balancing motherhood and a big vision.

An Introduction to Quality Improvement with Catherine Blackaby, Episode #45

Catherine joins me this week to give an introduction into what quality improvement is, and to explain it in a simple way. She shares how quality improvement can facilitate meaningful change in a structured processed way. She talks about simple tools that you can use to help you embark on your quality improvement change project.

You Don’t Start a Business and Hope for the Best, With Grace Gimson, Episode #128

“I like many people kind of focused fully in on work and forgot about looking after my physical and mental wellbeing, which I think is the norm to be honest across this country. I think it's standard for us to feel like we're too busy to really take care of ourselves." - Grace. Holly Health up uses behavioural training to help people to improve and prioritise their health and wellbeing.

It's Not a Weakness to be Kind with Katrina Sheikh Episode #102

Katrina joins me on the podcast today to talk about the importance of speaking up when something isn’t right. Katrina shares some of her experiences of working in a toxic environment and the steps she took to manage the situation. She shares the importance of documenting when things aren’t right and how to manage conflict and different working styles. And finally shares how kindness is not a weakness and that if you are kind, it doesn’t mean you are not strong.

Supporting People to be Brave with Monique Carayol, Episode #47

Monique has worked in the NHS for 20 years starting as a PA then making leaps and bounds in progressing her career to now be Director today. Monique joins me this week to share her experiences and expertise of working in Strategy and Transformation. She talks about the differences and differentiation between project management and the programme management function, the importance of tenacity and how she listens to the voices in her organisation.

Uncomfortable Truths with Rachael Moses, Episode #89

Rachael Moses joins me today to talk about uncomfortable truths. She talks about diversity and the conversations she has been facilitating around this. We talk about confidence, leadership lessons and work-life balance and Rachael’s lack of it. She shares how she uses social media and the advice that she would give to her teenage self.

When Saying Nothing is Worse than Getting it Wrong with Karen Middleton, Episode #77

Karen joins me today to talk about the impact of saying nothing and the impact of the fear of getting it wrong. Karen has been leading at a very difficult time and she talks about how it feels to lead during two crises. She talks about what life is like as a CEO and how she balances and manages the pressure. She shares the vital lessons she has learnt about herself during Covid-19. And she tells us about the importance of integrity, values and admitting when you don’t know something.

Global Pharmacy, Discipline and Transferable Skills with Anisha Patel, Episode #95

Anisha joins me today to talk about Global Pharmacy, what it means and why she is so passionate about it. She shares how she manages transitions in life, and how to make the most of and really sell transferable skills. We talk about positivity and the routines she puts in place to set up her day for success.

Clarity, Values and Motherhood with Preeti Minhas, Episode 106

Preeti joins me today to talk about the importance of having values and how they have guided her throughout her life and career. She shares how it’s valuable to work alongside people with different values to yours and how it can shape your understanding of others.

Community Pharmacy with Shilpa Shah, Episode 39

Shilpa joins me to talk about the role of the pharmacist and of local pharmacies. She shares what she is doing as a leader in her relatively new role as CEO and the ways she approaches engagement and productivity. We talk about some of the challenges she has encountered in her career, and what she has done to overcome them.

Leading, but letting people be with Jennifer Neff, Episode #126

Jennifer joins me on the podcast today to talk about Elemental’s journey, how it all started, feeling underestimated, how she deals with getting distracted and balancing family life with work.

We hope that the stories and advice packed into these interviews provide something for you to take away and use in your own life or career.

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