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Communicate the 22/23 PCN DES using this template

Updated: Apr 23

The 2022/23 Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service Update was released on 31st March 2022.

The first job of the PCN Manager is to read, digest and make sense of the document.

(Check our 22/23 PCN blog summary here.)

The second job will be to enthusiastically share the updates with your network in various ways to acknowledge everyone's different learning styles.

Some people in your network will;

  • Read the NHSE PCN spec cover to cover

  • Watch the excellent PCN Guide produced by GPLearning. Watch it here.

  • Rely on the infographics coming from the NHS Confederation

  • Like the information provided on the THC Resources Page in the form of blogs.

To accompany the resources above, you could add this PowerPoint resource to your toolkit to help you communicate the latest updates.

What's inside?

The PowerPoint deck includes sections on;

  • Your Primary Care Network vision

  • An overview of the service requirements

  • Who in your network is leading on what

  • An overview of the income available to your network this year

  • The roles covered in the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme

  • How the PCN will monitor its performance

  • The current PCN team

  • What to focus on in the next 90 days

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Please note, that this is a guide for you to build your own update and desired direction for your PCN, and in order for this resource to be effective, you must know the detail that sits behind it.

To help you understand the details, you will need the following documents and resources.

  • Our THC 2022/23 PCN DES blog summary found here.

Lastly, our podcast on 'How to Increase Engagement 'is the perfect accompaniment to this blog. Listen here.

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