• Tara Humphrey

Diary of a CEPN Project Manager - Entry 2: Decision Making

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Entry 2 - Week ending 15th September 2017

I thought sharing a few highlights and a look behind the scenes at a typical week in my role would provide a different view point to those within the CEPN community and thought this would be a perfect focus for my next blog series: The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager….. so here goes…. Entry no 2!

The theme of this week seems to have fallen around decision-making with time spent on:

Trying to increase the speed of decision-making via email

Identifying which decisions need to be made, by who and by when

Agreeing different approaches to increase engagement with CEPN stakeholders


Meeting wise…… I attended another CCG Primary Care Team meeting to discuss the progress and strategic objectives of a CEPN and I attended another GP cluster meeting to promote a particular work-stream as we need more engagement from practices.

Both meetings were really helpful and insightful. I always like attending these meetings as it enables me to put faces to names and increases my understanding of what’s important to the CCG and practices, which in turn enables me to better position my projects.

I also had a telephone meeting with some folks at the Health Innovation Network to see how CEPN's in South East London could support the implementation of their Diabetes project.


I spent some time reviewing a primary care strategy where I provided input into the short, medium and long-term objectives.


Things are progressing particularly well with the bespoke apprenticeship project I am leading, with the support of my project coordinator Kymberley and in partnership with a neighbouring CEPN.  With the launch of the programme approaching, time was spent over the past week securing the last few recruits, updating the master project tracker and touching base with the apprenticeship provider.


Lastly, I went for lunch with a colleague who works within primary care, caught up with the lovely Colin Paget at Lewisham CEPN 😊 and touched base with a Programme Manager at Health Education England.

All in all, it’s been a busy and enjoyable week with lots of exciting things developing.

See you next week. 

Tara - CEPN Project Manager