• Tara Humphrey

Diary of a CEPN Project Manager - Entry 5

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

I thought sharing a few highlights and a look behind the scenes at a typical week in my role would provide a different view point to those within the CEPN community and thought this would be a perfect focus for my next blog series: The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager….. so here goes…. Entry no 5…

Entry 5: Week ending 6th October

The highlights for the past week involved me attending the South London CEPN Development Day which was great fun. It was the opportunity to catch up with some of my CEPN colleagues who I haven’t seen in a while and hear the latest national and local strategic workstreams and visions for the CEPNs moving forward. I always leave these sessions feeling happy and motivated!

I also took part in an evaluation for a medical assistant pilot that I am involved in. It was a telephone interview which only took about half an hour, but what I really enjoyed about it was the opportunity to reflect on the journey to date and the lessons learnt. It’s a project I am really passionate about because it involves developing a bespoke apprenticeship and even though we got off to a slow start, the project is now progressing well and I honestly couldn’t be happier with how things are going.

Meeting wise, the focus for this past week centred around trying to maximise the funding opportunities available with the challenge of developing strategic project proposals, which are balanced with the need to invest in the operational day to day delivery of the network.

See you the next time.

Tara Humphrey – CEPN Project Manager