• Tara Humphrey

Engage To Make A Change | Our Relationships and Communication Insight

In this week’s post, I will be: •    Giving you 2 actionable steps to increase your engagement with your stakeholders  •    Reminding you of our FREE communications bundle to further assist you in progressing your CEPN •    Sharing some training opportunities and free resources to help build your leadership and communication skills. 

Please note: while I work in the field of primary care and support CEPN’s (Community Education Provider Networks), the principles of communication and building effective relationships are universal and can be applied to any industry or role. 

Following a recent CEPN development day which was facilitated by the wonderful Rebekah Giffney who is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist, Rebekah stressed the importance of building relationships when trying to implement and lead a change. While I know this will be nothing new to you, I think it is often overlooked and an aspect we should invest more time in. So, bearing this in mind, 2 actionable steps you can increase this year are;

Meeting in person and picking up the phone It is easier to engage with others and build relationships if you have met in person or at least heard your voice.  Even if it’s only once. 

When the opportunity presents itself, please take it and if it doesn’t, create the opportunity. Meet over coffee, invite people to your meetings, schedule a video conference call, pick up the phone and accept invitations.

Use our communications bundle here to give you some ideas of where you can get that valuable face time. 

Being proactive

Following on from the last point, don’t wait for people to ask things of you and also don’t be surprised when people don’t reach out to commission your CEPN services.  People need to hear all about the incredible work you are doing and the difference you are making. It is your job to showcase your work, be proud. (By the way, YOU ARE making a difference before you say that you aren’t!)

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Building your network leadership skills: Free Training Opportunities

Below are some free online training opportunities to help support your communication, relationship and change management skills: 

Leading and Managing People-Centred Change Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication Building your leadership skills – E-Learning for Health 

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