• Tara Humphrey

Entrepreneurship in Primary Care

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

As a freelance Business Development Consultant working within the UK Primary Care sector, I have been extremely fortunate to work with a variety of GPs, Nurses, Educators, Trainers, and Administrators all developing innovations to improve the patient experience that operate with an Entrepreneurial mindset despite the absence of ownership and profit.

While they may not identify with the title of Entrepreneur, they are undoubtedly trailblazing their way through public sector politics,  bureaucracy, uncertainty, financial constraints and the naysayers  to develop new; services, organisations, new ways of working,  training and placement initiatives and new models of care.

Although the concept of Entrepreneurship in the NHS isn't new, it is extremely difficult to affect change in such a large and fragmented system,  but here is  what I have observed:

  • Multi-disciplinary meetings are held with the purpose of networking minds, generating vigorous debate and creative conflict

  • Prince 2 manuals have been  thrown out of the window in favour of making iterations as they go

  • Opportunities presented in the NHS 5-year Forward View are embraced and exploited rather than colleagues being reluctantly pulled along by the tide of change

  • They are not afraid of hearing a No

  • They do not sit patiently waiting for the go ahead

  • They aren’t afraid to ask for help 

  • They have excellent communication skills which invoke a vision, emotions and action

While the future of Primary Care presents many uncertainties, be rest assured that there are many Leaders and Managers in all levels of the sector willing to stick their heads above the parapet, lead the way, create and make a change.

How are you affecting change and do you have any tips you could share?