• Tara Humphrey

Focus on your Strengths and Delegate the rest

As a consultant, I regularly encounter those who feel that they need to do EVERYTHING. Organise meetings,  review every document, dictate emails, attend every event they are invited to, lead sales, marketing and manage projects. Every week they become more tired, more stressed, make mistakes and waste valuable time.

I know we would like to think we are excellent at everything,  but deep down we know this simply isn't true, and even if we are good at most things, we have to ask ourselves if doing certain tasks is really the best use of our time. 

Today it’s time to stop and reflect and readdress the balance.  To make our work more enjoyable, our days more productive, our colleagues happier and results more impactful we need to focus on our strengths and delegate the rest.

1.    Are there people within your team looking to take on more responsibility? Let them take something off your plate; they will never learn unless you give them the opportunity. I know you think it's easier just to do it yourself but in the long term it isn't!  Yes, they might make some mistakes, but you learned the ropes in your job and they will too.

2.    Can a short term assignment be outsourced to a Consultant or Project manager? While many of you may think that you do not have the money to spend on this. Total up the hours you are spending on the work that, quite frankly you shouldn't be doing. The return on investment of hiring someone to come in and implement a new system or process could save you significant amounts of time and money. 

3.    Do you have any routine tasks that could be outsourced on a regular basis?  Our Virtual Assistant at Clarke Virtual has been a life saver proof-reading documents and managing our website.  Check out her Blog post on 25  things you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant Today.

4.    Is information poorly collated, resulting in you wasting time extracting and interpreting inaccurate data?

You may need to upgrade your technology or software,  brush up on your skills and learn some time-saving hacks, or implement some templates. 

Things can be different, and things can be easier, but only you can make the change. 

Hopefully, these 4 suggestions offer some food for thought.