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Getting Started - The Role of the Primary Care Network Manager (updated for 2022)

Updated: Apr 18

Whilst the role of the Primary Care Network Manager will vary from network to network, there is a repository of resources and key information that all Network Managers and Clinical Directors will need to:

  • Remain up to date on PCN guidance and requirements

  • Gain leadership insights

  • Build their PCN operating structure

This repository of key resources and prompts is ideal for PCN’s creating an induction plan for their new network manager or for a network manager recently in post.

Key Resources

  1. General Practice Updates by NHS England is a great place to keep up-to-date with activities and changes happening in general practice. This is where you will find the latest guidance. Start with the DES and Impact and Investment Fund for 2022/ 2023

  2. The 2022/23 Network Contract Directed Enhanced Guidance document can be found here. This document is key and is referred to as the DES. Print this off.

  3. Need help with workforce planning and recruitment finances? The PCN Workforce Planning Template has supporting information to guide you on how to use it.

  4. For advice on how to establish and develop your Primary Care Network, go to: The BMA Primary Care Network Handbook

  5. Here you can find an outline of the components that underpin the successful development of networks: PCN Maturity Matrix

  6. To keep informed of policy developments and access support you could join the PCN Network, established by The NHS Confederation

  7. Ockham healthcare is a think tank and consultancy supporting best practice and new ways of working in General Practice. They provide weekly blogs and podcasts sharing, discussing and supporting innovations in general practice.

  8. The Kings Fund provides insights on health and care policy and leadership through their blogs in The Leadership Section of the Kings Fund

  9. And of course the THC Primary Care website. We’ve just launched a page dedicated to our top resources for you to find the answers to your challenges as you go.

Along with the intel provided by your PCN colleagues, this repository of resources and the following prompts will lead you to start building your operating structure, that will incorporate:

  • The contact details of each practice and the mobile number(s) of your Clinical Director

  • The specifications coming online soon

  • The projects being delivered

  • Access to IT

  • The network’s development plan

  • The network’s key stakeholders

  • The network’s meeting schedule

  • The channels the network uses to communicate

  • How the network finances are managed

  • How the network makes decisions

  • The network roles that are in place: Who are they? Where do they work? Who do they report to? What are they currently focusing on? What HR structure is in place?

  • The network’s business and workforce plan

  • How the PCN monitors its performance

  • The contact details to neighbouring PCN managers

Please note this guide is not conclusive, as the environment is ever evolving, however, this should allow new network managers to get a head start.

If you need more support, our PCN Accelerator Programme is the only training for PCN leads created by a PCN Manager. This training and mentorship programme will give you the fundamentals and knowhow for you to deliver your role effectively and with confidence.

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