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Health Care Networks | The Foundations of a Successful Leader

People often ask me what makes some health care networks appear more effective than others, and what instantly sprang to mind was leadership and implementation.

In my experience, the most effective network leaders comprise of people:

· Who truly want to be there to help lead and make a positive difference

· Who are passionate and see how their network can be developed in their locality despite the challenges they are facing

· Who influential and can make decisions

· that embrace opportunities

· who understands the strategic and political landscape they are operating in

· that makes the time to do the work

· who can navigate multiple organisations

The next quality which I really feel is underestimated is that these leaders have a positive mindset and believe that their efforts will work. They spend time focusing on what CAN be done rather than on things they cannot control.

Lastly, these leadership teams implement and do what they say they are going to do. They move past attending meetings and just talking. They quickly transition into action mode using a project management or administrative team.

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