• Tara Humphrey

How to Overcome the Fear of Selling

In this blog, I wanted to address the topic of selling. Whether that is selling products and services or selling ideas, I know many of you find this challenging for various reasons, and likewise, I have also struggled with this.

The topic of selling is HUGE, so I won’t attempt to cover everything now.

Today I will cover:

  1. Background on my own consultancy

  2. The fear of selling and why we buy

  3. Valuing your own and other people’s expertise

  4. How to show someone your credentials and expertise

The accompanying podcast to this episode can be found here: https://bit.ly/Fear-of-Selling but keep reading for more.

A bit of background about me

I run a consultancy specialising in supporting Primary Care Networks, General Practices, GP Federations providing business consultancy and interim project and operational management. We also work with healthcare entrepreneurs and people wanting to establish a service in the field of health.

We have been established for almost six years now and I would say 90% of business is generated by word of mouth and 10% through our social media presence.

The problem we solve is - time. The clients we work with do not have the time to operationally run their networks as efficiently and effectively as they would like.

They have struggled to recruit; they don’t have time to train. They have tried to do it themselves, and now they are stressed, frustrated and feel like they can’t cope.

Through working with us, we give them back that all-important time, so they can concentrate on what they need to do the most. And that is hugely valuable to them.

We also have lots of experience working with Primary Care Networks and Training Hubs, and having worked with so many means, when clients come to us we can hit the ground running.

The fear of selling and why we buy

I think many people fear selling their services because they do not want to come across too salesy, they do not want to put people off and be seen as annoying. They fear they wont be liked. They also think that others expect their services to be free or low cost.


Do you think it’s OK for you or your partner to go to work every day and not get paid and have no other form of income to live off? NO.

If you are a manager, do you expect people to turn up to work every day and not pay them a salary? NO

Would you expect your accountant to process your end of year tax return for free? NO

Would you expect to hire a locum for free? NO

You wouldn’t.

And we shouldn’t expect that from other people. I interviewed Clare Fuller on the podcast, who specialises in providing lasting power of attorney advice and guidance, and I said that I would never expect to obtain expert advice for free unless it wasn’t explicitly free.

Now I could choose to do this work by myself and read books, use tech, follow YouTube videos and listen to podcasts on how to do it, but there comes a point where you either want or need:

  • Convenience

  • To save time

  • Help. More specifically, tailored and expert advice

  • Accountability

  • Consultancy - someone to tell you what the problem is and how to fix it

  • Someone to do it for you or alongside with you

Now we all value different things and have real or self-imposed budgets on what we can afford, but the essence of this blog is about why it's OK for YOU to sell your service.

You have the expertise; you have the qualifications, you have the track record, you already give tonnes of value for free, the next imperative step is to get paid.

How to showcase your credentials and expertise before you ask for the sale

  • Through writing

  • Providing free resources and tools

  • Guest speaking at events, on a podcast, attending meetings

  • Testimonials

  • Education and training

  • Case studies

  • Sharing tips and advice on social media

  • Offering help and advice in whatsapp groups

This is what I do:

  1. Show case my expertise – I write a regular blog covering leadership, projects and management in primary care. I not only share my thought leadership, I share very practical advice you can follow without any further input from me.

  2. Provide free tools - which are accompanied by video instructions, so you get to see and hear me in action, and this provides another layer of detail.

  3. Send a weekly newsletter - with some further advice that we only share here.

  4. Use testimonials - I can tell you all day how good I am, but it means so much more when a paying client shares what they thought of you.

  5. Case studies and stories - we often share how we are working with clients on our social media.

  6. Further share our expertise on the podcast - with a solo episode released on a Tuesday sharing my weekly insights & advice and an episode with an incredible guest released on a Thursday, the Business of Healthcare Podcast shares so much knowledge and leadership lessons.

Given all that I do, it is OK for me to sell my services. I provide a service that my clients genuinely need and I hope this blog provides gentle encouragement for you to do the same.

This is the first of 3 parts all about selling, so come back next week where I will talk you through how to sell - and more importantly how to sell with confidence.

Work with me

If this blog resonated with you, and you are a healthcare professional requiring some dedicated time to help you work through some of the challenges around building your business and selling your services, I would love to help you. Click here to work with me or email me at admin@thcprimarycare.co.uk.