• Tara Humphrey

How We Provide Value to our Clients when the Project has Ended.

Whilst our philosophy is not to outstay our welcome, I’m a big believer that just because the project we were commissioned to do has ended, it doesn’t mean that our relationship has to. 

I recently contacted one of my former clients to notify them of a funding opportunity that I believe would have been of interest to them. They were extremely grateful that I had got in touch as the opportunity had been buried at the bottom of their emails, and along with notifying them of the opportunity, I also provided some ideas for them to consider.  We have also advised a client on how to support a new permanent member of staff they were employing and gave them some guidance on what to include in their induction pack, free of charge. 

Another way to add value is by sharing industry information. We have google alerts set up for various topics, so not only are we aware of news articles and publications hot off the press, we can let current and former clients know too. And, we don’t just forward on the website link. We provide a summary of the information to help save them time by highlighting the key points. 

Whilst newsletters are an excellent way to keep in touch with previous clients, we feel this a more personalised approach which our clients seem to love. 

For more insights on how we provide value to our clients please see out blog post titled Always Adding Value.