• Tara Humphrey

Keep The Train Moving

This week’s blog post is targeted at those of you who are a member of a project board, where week after week and month after month; the same issues are debated without any resolution, the same actions have failed to be acted with no real consequence, absolutely no decisions have been made and to be frank the meetings are usually a real waste of time!

However, these tried and tested approaches have proved effective to keep the train moving.

1. Any new ideas/ proposals should be prepared in advance and circulated before the meeting.

The proposal should include details relating to the; Who, What, Why, Where, How Much, When and the Time frame, along with a clear question for the board to answer.

If you present the proposal, you need to own this and are accountable for the outcome and delivery.

2. To keep the agenda moving in a timely fashion, the meeting Chair can allocate a maximum time-frame to each agenda point, being strict and directing any side bar conversations to be carried on outside of the meeting.

​3. Only meet if you have to meet. If there are hardly any updates and no burning issues.  Send an email. As long you give people enough notice, people rarely mind if a meeting gets cancelled.

​4. Hold people accountable.  If someone is allocated a task, they need to be held accountable for its completion with agreement on why it’s needed and its alignment to the short/medium/ long term project objectives.

Try implementing these simple ideas at your next meeting and I would love to hear how you get on. Tags: Project Manager CEPN GP Federation Proposals Board meetings