• Tara Humphrey

Lend a Helping Hand

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

When I first started supporting the CEPNs (Community Education Provider Networks), using LinkedIn,  I typed in ‘CEPN Project Manager’ and a lady called Melanie Ashdown came top in the results.

I contacted Melanie to see if she would be willing to help me and shed some light on this new initiative being driven by Health Education England, and luckily for me, Melanie invited me to London and shared with me her CEPN journey to date, along with another Project Manager India Peach. And now, almost 3 years later, they continue to help and support me, and hopefully, they feel I do the same for them.

That meeting and the generosity of Melanie and India has honestly been pivotal in my CEPN success and a major factor in why I created a FREE resources section on my website www.tarahumphreyconsulting.co.uk to help other project managers new to the world of CEPNs.

You don’t need me to remind you what a small world we live in and that ‘what goes around, comes around’, so the next time you encounter a new face in your network or organisation,  I really hope you remember this blog and pay it forward. After all, you never know who is watching and the next time you will need a helping hand.