• Tara Humphrey

Lets Make a Change

I often encounter people looking to change something within their personal life, organisation or career, but are unwilling to answer the difficult questions, make the necessary changes or take a risk. 

I see people working with broken systems and processes preventing them to do their work effectively. Instead of focusing their energy on the opportunity the change could grant them, they choose the comfort of indecision and excuses. 

I see people frightened to voice their ideas out of fear that they may not please everybody, yet they have fantastic ideas, but their attention quickly switches from being positive to negativity even though they haven’t even tried.

I see people given risk-free opportunities, but because they are not certain of what the future holds in 3 years; they are not willing to do the work so they stand still and stay safe and moan. 

They are addicted to the struggle and comfort of what they know.  

There is no argument that change is hard, but we do know that the only thing in life that is certain is change!

  Change can be exciting

 Change offers a new learning experience

 Change can refocus us to see what’s possible

 Change creates opportunities to meet new people

 Change can lead you on to an amazing journey 

Change could make you more money

 Change can make you happier

 Change develops new skills 

Let today be the day you embrace how things can be, rather than how they are. Set a positive intention, start small and enlist in some help. Be brave, take a deep breath, feel the fear and do it anyway!