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Mastering Your Mind | 5 Practical Tips To Get You On Your Way

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

In my last blog, I shared that one area of focus for 2018 was honing my project management and leadership skills, but I forgot to mention that also included in this was the commitment to mastering my mindset, and, that little voice in my head which either:

•    Stops me from pursuing something new, through fear that I may fail •    Makes me retreat when I hear the slightest bit of criticism •    Helps me to concoct the worst and most unlikely scenarios •    Keeps me playing small and safe through fear of judgement  •    Replays the same conversation, over and over and over again  •    Tells me everything is about me … etc…. you get the picture!

To name a few experts on this subject; Prof Steve Peters author of the Chimp Paradox calls this the chimp brain. Gay Hendricks talks about this in his book The Big Leap. Mel Robbins has developed The 5 Second Rule to prevent that voice from taking hold, and Tara Mohr discusses this in her book Playing Big.

While I’m still very much a novice in this area and still fall foul of the “voice”, I am able to silence it much more quickly now and believe these 5 simple-to-implement strategies will help you too. 

1.    Learn how the brain works Sometimes I think many of us fall into immersing ourselves into understanding the operational and tactical side of business performance and overlook the power of the mind. Learning how the brain works and what it needs for me has been a revelation, and so helpful in both my personal and professional life. To learn more about this subject, check out the books mentioned above.

2.    Acknowledge the voice Now I have a better understanding of how the brain works, my thought process and when my logical brain is in charge and when the “voice” has taken over, I can stop the spiralling thought process. 

3.    Meditate For a while now, meditating has been part of my daily routine and I use the Headspace App. For me, meditating makes me feel calmer, happier and enables me to slow my thought process down and make better decisions. For more benefits of meditation, check out https://www.headspace.com/science/meditation-benefits

4.    Exercise  Healthy body healthy mind right? Physical health has a tremendous connection to our psychological well-being. When I exercise, especially first thing in the morning, I can guarantee a good day. No matter what is thrown at me I am more; productive, happier, creative and I look forward to meeting the challenges of the day ahead.  This year I am taking part in a 100k walk, 100k bike ride and the 3 Peaks Challenge. If I’m not training outside, I’m in the gym or dragging our poor dog out for another walk!

5.    Rest and Relaxation I often find relaxing difficult. With a young family, a business to run, clients to serve, blogs to write, taxes to pay and exercise to fit in, it’s sometimes hard to switch off. However, I now understand the importance of making time for resting my body and relaxing my mind. Thanks to Lush and Jo Malone – I love a bath, getting into a good tv series,  a spa session and yoga all tick the boxes for me.

What are you doing to master your mind?

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