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Our Pledge and Promise to Support Health and Care Leaders from Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds

I have been reading the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities published on 31st March 2021 and the latest Workforce Race Equality Standard published February 2021.

The question I always have when reading papers like this is "What I can do?" This has led me to create a pledge and plan of action for THC Primary Care as we move forward.

Racism is not just about words. Bias, bigotry and unfairness based on race may be receding, but they still have the power to deny opportunity and painfully disrupt lives.

Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, 31st March 2021.

The plan is simple and is concentrated on 2 core areas. Investment and stepping up.


We will continue to invest , champion and provide professional development opportunities for health and care leaders from ethnically diverse backgrounds through our Business of Healthcare Scholarship and Mentorship Programme.

In 2020 we supported 17 individuals. In 2021 we will double this.

We will provide an annual internship opportunity to support the next generation of leaders considering the field of health, their career pathway. Our first intern starts in May 2021.

When we recruit to permanent positions, we will use a panel comprised of leaders outside of our organisation as part of our selection process to create a fairer recruitment process.

Step Up

In the past, I have chosen to walk away from situations where I have felt I am not in position to influence others to think more broadly when it comes to equality and diversity. I did not have the confidence, communication skills, the leadership or allies around me. I did not have the level of resilience that is required to walk back into a room where people choose to not look at you in the hope you quickly leave again.

I do have those skills now together with the confidence, resources and people to help me.

In practical terms, this means:

  • Using my public platforms and private conversations to respectfully keep the conversation going.

  • Putting myself forward for Board-level positions.

  • Seeking to understand first, before seeking to be understood.

About Us

At THC Primary Care, our mission is to influence and support positive change in the field of healthcare.

We do this by;

1. Creating services and resources to improve the delivery of projects, networks, and overall business performance to save you time and reduce the stress associated with you juggling so many things.

2. Providing opportunities to inspire and practically support professionals from ethnically diverse backgrounds to progress their leadership careers in the field of health.

We use our social media channels to share what we are up to, what we believe in, practical resources, industry insights, and lessons learned from some of the UK's top healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs through our podcast - The Business of Healthcare.

To date, we have supported 12 Training Hubs and 13 Primary Care Networks. I am part of the NHS England Time for Care Faculty and published in the London Journal of Primary Care.


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