• Tara Humphrey

THC Quick Tips | 5 Key Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Host CEPN Organisation

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

When establishing your CEPN Governance, a key area of focus will be on deciding which entity will act as the host organisation to support the network in managing their finances and governance arrangements.

Most CEPNs will opt for a GP Federation, Clinical Commissioning Group, Community Trust or choose to create their own entity as a Community Interest Company, but regardless of the entity, the following key questions should be considered:

Does the host organisation:

  1. Provide a good foundation for collaborative working

  2. Offer easy access to key decision makers and provide access to resources (e.g, meeting rooms, finance administrator, etc.)

  3. Genuinely want to be involved. If they feel forced into it, the relationship will be strained from the get-go, and you will not be able to make the desired progress to make your network a success

  4. Understands what’s in it for them, and how it supports the current strategic objectives and future vision of their organisation. As above, the relationship will always be on the backfoot if they are always questioning why they are doing this

  5. Understands that the hosting relationship doesn’t mean they can dictate the running of the CEPN. As the host, they provide the legal structure for supporting the management of the finances and risks. The host can obviously do more, but this needs to be agreed/negotiated with the CEPN steering board.

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