• Tara Humphrey

The 1 Sheet

Whilst watching an episode of The House of Cards, I came across a wonderful concept called 'the 1 sheet'.

I believe these are common in the field of marketing, politics, and entertainment, but it was brand new to us.

The 1 sheet is a high-level summary of headline points. It’s not quite an executive summary, as these can be pretty long but it is a short and snappy summary of the executive summary.

You may want to include; the key names of people, any risks, key successes, project priorities, key dates and questions. We use the 1 sheet as prompts in meetings and to help clarify and solidify the elements of a large document.

The 1 sheet can also serve as a project update or handover document. Use it how you like, but there is just one rule. Keep to the 1 page!

It will help you zero in on what’s important and writing out headlines will help you retain the information and support you to clearly and concisely communicate your point to others.

However, if like many, you have an ever expanding workload, consider asking a member of your team to pull together the 1 sheet for you. Allowing you to waltz into your meeting feeling knowledgeable on a subject, which 5 minutes ago you knew nothing about :)