• Tara Humphrey

The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager - Entry 1: Practice Managers Conference, GP Cluster Meeting and

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Entry 1- Week ending 8th September

I thought sharing a few highlights and a look behind the scenes at a typical week in my role would provide a different view point to those within the CEPN community and thought this would be a perfect focus for my next blog series: The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager….. so here goes….I am writing this blog on Friday 8th September as I come to the end of my first week back after 2 weeks in sunny Spain. 

Preparing for the week ahead

I don’t usually work at the weekend, but as I had a stack of emails waiting for me after my holiday, I went in to work for a few hours on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead, clearing emails which no longer needed my response, prioritising any urgent tasks.


I had a lot to pack in, so headed for the office at 7am. 

I started the day answering emails, processed urgent tasks, and over lunch time, I attended a CEPN Project Leads Meeting in South London. Here is my chance to catch up with other CEPN project managers, update each other on our various projects and discuss opportunities for how we can collaborate. I really value these meetings.

I also touched based with my CEPN clients to let them know I’m back after my holiday. I also caught up with my employees Claire and Kym, who both work 3 days a week and support me in providing my CEPN project management service.


On Tuesday, I attended the NHS England Practice Managers conference on behalf of a client, and it was EXCELLENT. It was a fantastic networking opportunity to meet with Practice Managers from across the country and gain their views and advice on how CEPNs can better engage with Practice Managers. I will share more information on the event in future blogs.


Wednesday was my first full day in the office this week.

I spent the day managing my emails, getting on top of project finances, preparing a meeting agenda and supporting papers for an upcoming CEPN board meeting. 

I also spent some time on how to further scope some project for one of my clients. Before I went on holiday, we identified which areas the CEPN should focus on. The next phase is to scope out what is involved and answer the Why, Who, What, Where, When, How and How Much.


Today was a 6am start. I was mainly in the office again answering emails and finalising a newsletter for a client, managing diary dates and updating project trackers. 

Another highlight along with attending the Practice Managers conference was attending a GP cluster meeting to promote the NVQ Level 3 Business and Admin Diploma which has been modified to ensure its application to primary care. My short presentation was really well received and I was asked lots of questions which is always a good sign.


Friday, I am back in the office for the day reviewing various papers which include a CEPN CPD commissioning process for allocating funding to practices and evaluating some project proposals.As like many of you I am sure, my day and most days include emails, emails and more emails!

My Weekly Review

Out of 10 I would give this week a 7. It took me a while to get back in work mode after my holiday but as the week went on I got back in to the swing of things.

My peak of the week: The Practice Managers conference and GP Cluster meeting :)  My pit of the week: The volume of emails to wade through after my holiday :( 

See you next week.

Tara – CEPN Project Manager