• Tara Humphrey

The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager: Entry 3 - Managing Expectations

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

I thought sharing a few highlights and a look behind the scenes at a typical week in my role would provide a different view point to those within the CEPN community and thought this would be a perfect focus for my next blog series:

The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager.

Week ending 22nd September

Entry number 3!

If I’m being totally honest, the past week was a bit up and down, but thankfully in the end, it ended on a high.

The theme of last week revolved around managing expectations; that of my own and of my clients.

Sometimes the health care systems we are working within, can be extremely frustrating with decision and approval processes being painstakingly long. I know I shouldn’t take things so personally when things don’t go according to plan, but like most I’m always striving to exceed expectations, I care and want to move things forward at a good pace, and when things don’t, I do not like it.

However, I’m fortunate to have a supportive network of friends and colleagues who are happy to listen and offer their advice and help get me back on track.

Particular thanks go to the amazing Rebekah Giffney for taking the time to support me and help me see things differently (Rebekah is a Leadership and Change Specialist and Business Psychologist). Everyone should have a Rebekah! 😊

It’s basic and obvious stuff, but this week has reminded me to:

• Take a step back and look at the project scope and the progress so far

• Look at and address the facts

 • Communicate my concerns and issues sooner rather than later

• Try and see from other perspectives

• Identify the next set of objectives / tasks and plan how to approach them with a can-do attitude Now on to the good stuff.

• I have been in touch with the London Journal of Primary Care regarding an article we are planning on submitting which is very exciting!

• I had fun and productive meetings with a client and a project partner (in these meetings it reinforces why I love my job)

• We are almost ready to launch a bespoke apprenticeship for general practice administrators and have over 15 practices participating

 • I’m helping a client to put the finishing touches on the CPPD guidance paper See you next week!!

Tara Humphrey - CEPN Project Manager