• Tara Humphrey

The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager: Entry 4 -Where are you from? Laughing so much my cheeks hurt

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

I thought sharing a few highlights and a look behind the scenes at a typical week in my role would provide a different view point to those within the CEPN community and thought this would be a perfect focus for my next blog series: The Diary of a CEPN Project Manager.

Week ending 29th September

Entry number 4!

Last week with the support of my administrator and project coordinator I;

attended 2 board meeting

ssigned into a webinar on managing networks

co-hosted the launch of a bespoke apprenticeship which was a storming success (if I do say so myself!)

attended a session with my business coach

attended a frailty workshop 

started to put together a draft project proposal

closed my outlook email down with 119 emails to manage, respond to and delete

The most “interesting” part of my week came when the following happened! I promise I’m not making this up!

  • Bill (not his real name) “what’s your background

  • Me “sorry?”

  • Bill “ noooo, where are you FROM?”

  • Me “oh, Herne Bay”

  • Bill “are you Ethiopian?”

  • Me “No, but my parents come from Nigeria”

  • Bill “oh ok, are those your tribal colours?”

  • Me “Errrrr, emmmmmm…. no, this is just a dress from Hobbs”

  • Bill “Ok, then bye!!!”

  • Me (to myself) WHAT???, REALLY?? WHAT??

The highlight of my week = Giving one of my clients some flowers for being so amazing and a pleasure to work with and laughing so much my face hurt with my project coordinator.

Something I am proud of:

I approached a difficult conversation which at the time felt like I wanted the ground the swallow me up and eat me alive! However, now after the event has passed, I’m feeling really good that the difficult conversation has actually created the outcome I wanted it to, just in a different way than I had anticipated.

Tara Humphrey - CEPN Project Manager