• Tara Humphrey

The Diary of a Project Manager – Week ending 21st December 2017 Reflections and Lessons Learnt

The past few days have been really good with my team and we are getting into the Christmas spirit.  Here is what we have been up to.

Christmas Lunch with the THC Team and goals for 2018  

On 20th December, I treated my team to an impromptu lunch and want to publicly thank my PA Claire for running out into the freezing cold with a list of rather annoying dietary requirements (I need gluten free and vegetarian and our project coordinator Kym needs nut free and sesame free food). It was a tall order, but she did it and the 3 of us enjoyed a lovely lunch where we down tools and shared our goals for 2018.

My goals are to spend more time with my family, write a book and 2 academic articles, travel more and walk 3 100k’s, and of course I want to work with more amazing clients.  

Proposals, meetings and another Christmas lunch

Ok, back to business. This week I:

  • received the green light on 2 funding proposals we submitted on behalf of our clients

  • completed the first draft of a mental health funding proposal

  • attended meetings in Medway, Brighton and Bromley

  • was invited to a Christmas Lunch with a former client in Lewes which was lovely!

  • And Kym (our project coordinator) created a highlight reel of 2017 which I absolutely love (click here to view the video).  It’s been so lovely to look back and see how far we have come.

Lessons Learnt in 2017

I have been thinking a lot about some of the choices I have made and while I have had an amazing year, I of course have made some mistakes. These have centred around me acting too quickly, and I have learnt to slow down and sleep on things more.

On a more positive note, one big reflection is that I am super clear, laser focussed in fact on what I want to achieve in 2018 personally and professionally, and this also includes me being clear on the type of clients we want to work with.

So, if you’re looking to:

  1. build and expand your CEPN (Community Education Provider Network)

  2. develop a primary care workforce strategy

  3. implement a workforce transformation programme

  4. commission outside of IR35

  5. have some fun along the way

  6. and will allow us to work flexibly then click here to see How We Work

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

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