• Tara Humphrey

The Importance of Away Days | 2 Examples of What Your Away Days Can Include

This month I have attended 2 team away days.

The first was a development day with a client where their objective was to regroup, share progress and achievements, to provide action plans for their workstreams, and to discuss the wider strategic context shaping their activity.  

  • We looked at best practice on how to lead change using Peter Kotter’s theory of change. Please click here to read a previous blog on Peter Kotter’s framework. I am a big fan of his easy to apply steps.

  • We discussed what type of leaders we need to be now we are increasingly required to lead and influence across boundaries.  In particular, the need to move from transactional leadership; “old power”, to relational leadership; “new power”. For more information on this, check out Understanding “New Power” by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms.

  • We reflected on how we operate with incomplete information and shifting goal posts.

  • We participated in some exercises which showcased that it’s often not the change which is difficult,  but it’s the sustained changing… and how we often unintentionally revert back to what is comfortable when the spotlight is off us.

  • We sought some input from other system leaders to better understand the place and positioning of our value and work.

A few days later I took my team away from the office to; strategise for the year ahead, thank my PA Claire for her hard work over the past 18 months, welcome our latest project coordinator Charlotte and to help bond the team.

  • We refined our team values.

  • We committed to refreshing our website (to launch in April).

  • We identified who we wanted our ideal customers to be and how we could best serve them.

  • We are now building a social media strategy.

  • We shared ideas on how we could be more productive as a team.

  • We agreed on how we could improve the customer experience.

  • We are all aware of the importance of communication in the team and with our clients and will look to improve this.

  • We did the Belbin team roles assessment to discover each other’s strengths and “allowable weaknesses)

  • We made a slight change to our working pattern.

  • We discussed GDPR to ensure we are always compliant.

  • Lastly, as THC Ltd is approaching its 3rd year in business, we bounced ideas around to see how we celebrate this, and we decided to do something special to say thank you to all our clients to date for their support.

Despite the full agenda,  both sessions were 100% well worth making the dedicated and uninterrupted time to come together. I finished both sessions feeling; inspired, motivated, with a clear direction, happy with our progress to date and more connected to my colleagues.

I hope these two examples provide you with some practical ideas to shape your next team away day.

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