• Tara Humphrey

The Intentional Consultant

One of the main criticisms of Consultants appears to be that they often tell you things you already know.

One reason for this is because the Consultant needs to understand objectively the situation, context and delve deeper to understand the root of the problem.

While many people within the organisation may have already identified the issues; they may not necessarily understand why they exist or the client may want an external perspective to validate their assertions.

When it comes to solutions, again, the client may have already considered the options proposed by the Consultant but they may;

(1) be unsure if the options are viable

(2) be reluctant to decide if the solution is proving to be unpopular

(3) not have the skills to execute the solution

However, once the Consultant has performed their analysis of the situation they should then progress utilising their experience, insights, skills and expertise and if they are capable and if you allow them to, here is where the intentional Consultant;

  • facilitates and guides the best possible option to pursue, taking into consideration the available resources, external context, the organisations capacity and willingness.

  • breaks steps down into manageable and understandable phases, instilling confidence to those around them.

  • knows their strengths and doesn't pretend to be the font of all knowledge, enlisting the help of others.

  • is driven by results and client satisfaction.

  • rolls up their sleeves, works in the trenches and is resourceful.

  • doesn’t outstay their welcome.

  • Is always reading, is always asking questions and always reflects on how things can be better.

  • will tell you the truth!

To be meaningful, this process needs to be a partnership, with the client willing to take action and be decisive.

To go above and beyond the obvious, the intentional Consultant, with real-world and business experience can be invaluable, positively impacting the business long after the project has been completed.

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