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The Road Less Stupid | Book Review

I was recently recommended the book The Road Less Stupid by Keith J Cunningham by a member of a mastermind group I am facilitating; The book is EXCELLENT and a must read for all business owners and leaders looking to progress.

I first listened to this on audible and then brought a physical copy to make notes in.

The book serves as a guide to help you reflect;

  • Where you are in your business

  • Where you want to go

  • And how you plan to get there

For me this wasn’t a book to listen to leisurely for entertainment. It is a guide and requires your full attention and a pen and notebook to answer questions like:

  • What specifically needs to happen to stop the disorganisation you are experiencing?

  • What is the structure you need to create the progress you require?

  • What needs to happen to be one of the top ten experts in my field?

  • What competency frameworks are your team working to?

Whilst this book is aimed at business owners, many aspects of this book can apply to leaders and managers looking to advance. See the questions Keith poses below.

  • What are the projects that need to happen this quarter to support your overall goal?

  • What are you measuring to assess your progress?

  • Are you holding those around you accountable for their responsibilities?

  • Are you aligning your resources to match your priorities?

Since reading this book I have:

1. Increased my thinking time and through this reflection I am starting to make changes in how I prioritise my time and how I am communicating my vision and expectations to my team

2. I am also looking at all the resources I have available to me and trying to maximise what I already have.

There are so many words of wisdom for you to reflect on, and if you are willing to execute your ideas and make changes, you can adapt and deploy the practical advice given in this book instantly.

Please read this book and let me know what you think.

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