• Tara Humphrey

Valuing the little things

It’s often the little things that we do, we take for granted or play down, but in the eyes of others, the skills and qualities that come most naturally to us are deeply valued and appreciated.

I recently attended a conference where we were asked to reflect what our clients most valued from us and what we most enjoyed doing. For me, it came down 2 things.

1. Tackling a difficult project and taking this workload away from my clients so they can concentrate on other things

2. Sharing the resources and information that I have been studying (Like writing this blog, producing white papers, creating my own resources, facilitating a mastermind) and lessons I have learnt from my 20+ years of experience.

At first, I thought really?? Is that it?? But from looking back on last week’s email, this is what I am continually thanked for. I love sharing my expertise and helping others. It’s not rocket science but nevertheless, it's what I do and what I love.

• What is your thing?

• Are you good at:

• Networking

• Writing

• Being funny

• Making the complex look easy to understand

• Do people say your inspiring and motivating?

• What comes naturally to you?

• What are you continually thanked for?

• Etc…

Highlighting these qualities to yourself should not only help you build your confidence but can also assist in positioning your projects, business, services to maximise your strengths.

I also invite you to highlight some qualities in your colleagues that they may not recognise as a way to show your appreciation.