• Tara Humphrey

What does a Primary Care Network Manager do?

Updated: Apr 23

...And how the role is evolving.

I’m often asked, what does a Primary Care Network (PCN) Manager do?

A network manager, in essence, is there to build the business infrastructure of the Primary Care Network (PCN) working alongside the Clinical Director, all member practices and stakeholders.

A Primary Care Network Manager's role is to help the PCN evolve and execute the vision of the network.

Developing and managing this infrastructure involves 8 core pillars:

1. HR

2. Business Development and Horizon Scanning

3. Contract Management

4. Financial Management

5. Operations Management

6. Project Management

7. Relationship Management

8. Strategic Planning

With more contract specifications, more projects, more roles and more money to manage; your Network Manager is essential to help your network reach its fullest potential and to ensure things do not fall through the cracks.

As the PCN grows and the Network Manager role advances, they have the potential to sit side by side with the Clinical Director as the Managing/Operations Director or Chief Operating Officer. This role is incredibly valuable as they will have had a hand in every aspect of the network as well as built a solid foundation to effectively operate and strategically lead.

I have presented what this evolution may look like in practice. Notice that this evolution is not linear. This is a guide for you to develop and make your own path.

As with all roles, you want them to be operating at the top of the capabilities which requires time, investment, mentorship, coaching and professional development.

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