• Tara Humphrey

What Makes a Successful CEPN? Pt 2: Your Core Operating Team

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

People often ask me what makes some CEPNs appear more effective than others. In a previous post, I discussed how these teams have excellent leadership. Check out that blog here.

In this post, the emphasis is on the members of your team that support the day-to-day management of your CEPN, which typically contains 5 key members.

1. The Nurse Lead / Primary Care workforce Tutor

 Having a nurse lead who is well-known in your locality is absolutely key to developing your nursing and HCA workforce. They are the go-to person for clinical updates, training needs, mentorship and they are forward thinking.

2. The GP Lead

This GP is well-known, wears multiple hats and is well respected by their peers. In a position of influence, your GP is linked to or has an awareness of the CCG agenda, the local GP Federation (s) and is passionate about developing the workforce.

3. The Practice Manager The Practice Manager is a great sounding board to test your ideas to see how your vision can be delivered in reality. Supporting the day-to-day management and looking at a practice as a whole, this perspective is invaluable.

4. CPD Coordinator

The CPD Coordinator is responsible for managing all the various training events. Booking rooms, securing trainers, managing the delegate list and responding to all the enquiries associated with commissioning a programme of CPD.

5. The Finance Lead Now,  this person may not see themselves as part of your team depending on your hosting arrangements, but they very much are. They have the ability to raise invoices,  approve your financial governance and support last-minute income. When this person is missing, work can come to a standstill.

6. The Project Manager (PM)

An effective PM is there to drive forward the implementation of your workstreams, support business development and proactively spot opportunities. They are also key in pulling together funding proposals, raising the profile of the network and pulling things together behind the scenes.

Am I missing anyone? Please comment below.

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