• Tara Humphrey

What type of CEPN leader are you?

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Having had the privilege of supporting 10 CEPNs over the past 3 years, effective CEPN leaders I believe fall into 4 main categories.

  1. Future focussed 2. Funding focussed 3. Focussed on the here and now 4. Governance focussed

Neither is good or bad and ideally your CEPN should have a good mixture of all 4.Here goes….

The Future Focussed Leaders I see tend to centre their energy on what could be done, they look for new ways of working and are happy to pilot initiatives. They are idealistic, visionary and inspiring. They spend a considerable amount of time developing ideas, but sometimes fail to effectively communicate the why, and can become impatient when people do not instantly fall in love with their ideas.

Funding Focussed Leaders are all about business development and trying to look for ways to build the sustainability of the network. They are excellent at; networking, identifying strategic partnerships and are the first to highlight funding opportunities.

With a talent for business development, they love the thrill of working up ideas and rallying the troops. However, once the bid has been won and the project initiative has been started, they are ready to jump to the next opportunity.

Those Focussed on the Here and Now are your realists. The challenges that they are faced with today dominate their thought process and not in a motivating way. However, they are excellent at asking questions which in the long term, provides an excellent process of helping project teams to prioritise activity and validate and strengthen approaches.

The Governance Focussed Leader is concerned with organisational systems and processes, decision making and acting transparently. They are a repository of knowledge and attention to detail is their forte. They err on the side of caution, but if you bring them a fully thought through proposition which explains the; who, what, where, how, how much, when and any implications, they are an invaluable resource to enable your network to scale.

Now.. what CEPN leader are you??