• Tara Humphrey

Why Hire a Consultant?

In my experience the clients that have employed our services have required a Consultant / Project Manager for a combination of 3 main reasons: 

To provide an external pair of eyes to review a situation:

Someone with the time, understanding of the environment and expertise to conduct an internal and external analysis and essentially gather information to present options to progress or halt a development.  I have often seen inefficiencies that are overlooked, conclude that the path of action already suggested should go ahead with a few suggestions to aid the execution and present alternative perspectives and unbiased views.

To execute the day to day delivery of a project:

Undertaking market research, managing stakeholders, developing project scopes, project plans and operating plans, chasing up outstanding tasks, pro actively addressing risks and issues and managing challenges that arise in the projects, implementing governance and monitoring if the project still adds value to the organisation. 

To provide expertise, skills and capacity to research unfamiliar topics to the business:

When faced with the new proposition to diversify a business portfolio,  while the vision may be there the ability to execute vision may require some skills and expertise which are not possessed currently within the organisation.     

Our input varies in scale from supporting short-term assignments to long term multi-layered projects.

While we become part of your office team and understand your pressures, we are not involved in the day to day business operations, allowing us to dedicate our focus to deliver your desired outcomes. 

While THC has a client manifesto to demonstrate our company ethos to consulting, ultimately, in order for the consulting/project management process to be a meaningful and generate positive outcomes, we believe the process needs to be collaborative, have commitment from the project sponsors, with open communication throughout.