• Tara Humphrey

Why your Stakeholder Engagement is Failing

With the increasing improvement programmes taking place within the NHS, coupled with increasing and conflicting priorities, it’s hardly surprising that staff are feeling a little weary of efficiency savings and workforce initiatives, resulting in your well-intended message falling on deaf ears.

If you’re wondering why your stakeholder engagement isn’t as effective as it could be, you’re probably;

  • Not being crystal clear on what you are trying to achieve

  • Focusing on what’s in it for you rather than what’s in it for them

  • Not making it easy for them to respond or pre-empting any obvious questions

  • Not communicating the tangible short and long term benefits

  • Not using the full array of communication channels available to you

  • Using bland and long communications – Keep it short and sweet

  • Relying on email.  Email and newsletters are great but nothing beats a phone call or face to face meeting. If your audience is not coming to you, then you must go to them

  • Not listening.  When people offer their feedback on why they are resistant to your ideas. Listen. If the feedback is valid, acting on this will help foster a positive culture

Also, we are all familiar with the saying "work with the willing", however, once you have achieved this, it’s then time for you to carefully help the willing to work for you.

If you have people who are brought into your project and have seen positive results, enable them to be your foot soldiers and raving fans on the ground spreading the message.

For more ideas on effective stakeholder engagement to develop your CEPN see our free resources: 4 Key Activities to Effective Stakeholder Engagement and A Guide to developing your Communications Plan, and for more project management tips please check out more blogs here.